A toolkit to engage residents in energy efficiency improvements.

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The Heartwarming Homes toolkit will help you change the way you engage and communicate with residents, so they are more likely to welcome energy efficiency improvements. It includes practical advice, including how to remove barriers to having work done, and a range of resources which you can share with residents.

Social landlords are leading the way with making the UK’s homes greener – and they’re facing similar challenges along the way. Created in partnership with tenants and colleagues from the sector, Heartwarming Homes is about offering better resident experience and helping your sustainability programme run smoothly. To make this happen, communication and engagement need to be an integral part of your project plans.

Heartwarming Homes has been developed in partnership with Northern Housing Consortium, Placeshapers and Tpas. It takes forward recommendations from the Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury and Residents’ Voices in the Net Zero journey.

Heartwarming Homes is about working together – it’s time to collaborate not duplicate. Get in touch if you’d like to share your learning, or if you have any other comments or feedback.

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